52 lbs down as of this morning

Lipedema does not allow for some of the progress to show, but I don’t let that stop me. I’ve been in ketosis since July. I am 52 lbs down as of this morning. 2 lbs away to reach the weight my surgeon asked me for (240) and 22 lbs away from my main major milestone- … Read more

I lost 21 lbs & 31 inches!

I started KETO WOE 12/1/2016. As of February, I lost 21 lbs & 31 inches. The picture on the left is from July 2016 and the picture on the right is from February 2017. ~K.M., CA, USA

Keto has reduced my swelling!

I haven’t been able to wear my engagement ring since I was pregnant with my daughter almost 25 years ago. Yesterday, I was able to easily slide on both my wedding band and my engagement ring! Why is this so important? I have been a smaller clothing size in the past, but I STILL couldn’t … Read more

Keep on keto-ing!

I have lost 130.4 lbs! I am so Happy! I’ve had no surgery and the bulk of this has been lost in the last 13 months. I currently don’t do any exercise. Here is a little progress collage. First pic I was 360 lbs. Second pic I’d lost 100. Third, yesterday, is -130 lbs. Keep … Read more

Winning. I love keto!!

NSV (Non Scale Victory)! I had an event today and pulled these stupidly expensive pants out of my “other” pile because my usual “conservative mum” pants just wouldn’t work… I have never worn them before because they were just a bit too small for me. They are baggy now! I’ve stopped tracking my food and … Read more

I feel amazing!!

I started eating Keto in the early fall. Yesterday (January 12) was my birthday, and I had a friend take a picture of me so I could compare from last year. I feel amazing!! ~J.R., NY, USA

I am now down 62 lbs.

I have been on a Ketogenic WOE for 5 months. I am now down 62 lbs from the start. There isn’t much change in my lower limbs but that is the nature of condition. I have 50 lbs more to go, again. Or until I plateau and just deal with the lipedema. These pants were … Read more

A life changer for me

As of yesterday I’m 7 weeks into my Keto lifestyle. I’m down 33.4lbs but even better I’ve lost 62 inches off my body as a whole, with ranges of 5-7″ on each part of my legs alone! I’m so excited and couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t started yet I don’t know what you’re waiting … Read more

All the bloating is gone

Started keto on the first of this year. The second picture is after only 11 days!! All the bloating is gone…. If you know how many diets I’ve done in my life…. this is really amazing! ~I.C., Netherlands

It’s nice to see progress!

Just wanted to share some progress pics, because I was quite surprised with them when I compared them this morning. The first picture was at about 225 lbs. or so, back in September. I finally took some more today, at 175 lbs. Even though I still hate my legs, they have gone way down (not … Read more