It’s nice to see progress!

Just wanted to share some progress pics, because I was quite surprised with them when I compared them this morning. The first picture was at about 225 lbs. or so, back in September. I finally took some more today, at 175 lbs. Even though I still hate my legs, they have gone way down (not … Read more

Swelling and fluid has completely gone

So been doing this for 2 weeks so far and my first NSV (Non Scale Victory). I have lymphoedema lipoedema and dercums, fibro and chronic fatigue – the swelling and fluid has completely gone from my feet, I haven’t seen gaps in my toes like the right side picture in years! I don’t know what … Read more

Almost a normal life!

It is incredible!!!! They told us no diet or exercise would get rid of the lipedema fat, yet here we are losing weight and centimeters each day! Keto on my dear lipedema sisters… 37 lbs down since my heaviest until now… some set backs but each day is a new opportunity! Hugs to each and … Read more

Keto – trust the process!

My legs…… I hate them, and I would’ve never thought they had gone down so much! I took this picture on a whim and I was floored. But in a good way! 100% lost with keto. 77 lbs down – all with keto! It works! Trust the process! ~A.G., Texas, USA

Sparks of hope and inspiration!

Just a few months ago I thought I was about 2 shakes from being in a wheelchair due to lipedema… but because of this way of eating this was my day. I swam for an hour this morning, went to Home Depot and was in there for about 2 1/2 hours on my feet, and … Read more

Keto has changed my life in so many ways for the better

My first “Transformation Tuesday” also marks my one year with Keto. I’ve lost about 60 lbs and who knows how many inches. I’ve also lost a lot of pain and gained so much more. Keto has changed my life in so many ways for the better and I am so thankful for Catherine Seo and … Read more

This keto life is very good!

Today was weigh and measure day with my sister. We were both pleasantly surprised with my results! This past month I have lost 11.8 pounds, but the big shocker was I have lost 20 inches!!! Amazing! A couple of things I have noticed this past month are that my feet are no longer cold most … Read more

Just keep going…keto works!

I’ve been on Keto exactly 4 months. I lost 24 lbs in the first 3 and spent last month bobbing up and down; 2lbs on & 2lbs off. I’m a stage one lippy lady and have watched with frustration as clothes got looser, waist 3 inches smaller but the fatty pouches on the inside and … Read more

Massive improvement in the inflammation of my knees

Heather’s Progress 2 weeks It’s been more than 2 weeks that I have been following Keto, I have noticed a massive improvement in the inflammation of my knees. Yesterday I danced with my son, something I have not been able to do for 3 years 😀 I have definitely lost size as my clothes are … Read more

I have not felt this good in 2 decades

9 months ago I needed to use a walker. My lipolymphedema was beyond painful…it was completely debilitating and was stealing my life from me. Today I can jog 3 miles on a treadmill and I’m starting to lift weights this week. I have also lost 30 pounds on keto in 60 days. If I can … Read more