Eggmilk has nothing to do with milk - but with eggs. It is a quick and filling meal that you can prepare in advance and bring to work or on a picnic, either hot or cold.
It is also great as liquid food when you're ill or after an operation, as base for a smoothie, as baby food in a bottle, a splash in your coffee instead of cream, to make hot chocolate... or why not on your field trip collecting flowers for your herbarium! 🙂

Here is what you need:
1 egg and 1 yoke (more yokes can be added if you want the drink more filling)
50 gr butter (or coconut oil)
2-3 dl water
spices of your choice

Bring the water to the boil and let the butter melt in it. When boiling hot, mix it with the eggs using a hand blender. Add a little at a time, making sure the water is really hot and the eggs get up to 70 degrees C/158 degrees F. This due to negative effects of raw egg whites.

Add cocoa, cinnamon, cardemom, liquorice powder, vanilla or whatever you fancy.
Enjoy hot or cold.
Will keep in fridge 2-4 days.