Just keep going…keto works!

I’ve been on Keto exactly 4 months. I lost 24 lbs in the first 3 and spent last month bobbing up and down; 2lbs on & 2lbs off. I’m a stage one lippy lady and have watched with frustration as clothes got looser, waist 3 inches smaller but the fatty pouches on the inside and outside of thighs and knees didn’t budge. Only half an inch off each thigh in that first 3 months.Then the scale stopped moving. I took heart from online friends who said keep going and the fact that the almost constant lower leg pain was lessening.

Today I reached bravely for the tape measure to find that over the same month the scales froze, I lost nearly 2 inches off each thigh and they are now smaller than they have been in 5 years. Meanwhile, my waist stayed the same and just a half an inch off the hips. So, if it seems to be slowing and nothing is happening, just keep going. This way of eating works, it just takes a while. IMO lipedema loss has it’s own set of crazy rules.
~G.E., UK