Keto & Lipedema Feasibility Study Application

Since this is an early stage Feasibility study, there will be a nominal cost for the online class of $97 (this is discounted $50 from the class price of $147). We will offer this discount whether you are accepted into the study or not to thank you for your application.

We recommend you have a comprehensive metabolic panel, an Hb1A1c, and Lipid Panel bloodtests performed through your own medical facility.

You will be required to join a secret FB group to receive ongoing group and individualized support throughout the study.

This is a Feasibility study, we hope that the data shows enough promise  to lead to a comprehensive clinical trail. As a Feasibility study, we offer information and support, and not medical advice. Please be sure to read and agree to the disclaimer.

Please be sure to upload image files that are less than 200KB. Otherwise, the firm will lock up and your application will not be submitted.

Any questions, please email

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