We CELEBRATE the Keto Successes in Our Lipedema Community

Welcome to lipedema & keto!

Lipedema is a fat disorder. It's little known and barely recognized by clinicians. Many with lipedema go for years searching for a diagnosis while struggling to be healthy. While little is known about lipedema, it is generally believed that the condition creates metabolic resistance to diet and exercise.

We do know that many women with lipedema have tried various diets and exercise from simple cardio to high intensity, and whatever has proven to be helpful to others, these futile attempts have little to no impact on the weight, pain and swelling of lipedema.


A ketogenic way of eating is producing results every day. Women who have participated in online classes with Katrina Slagle Harris, Kimmi Katte and Leslyn Keith are reporting significant changes.

We celebrate and support the bravery and inspiration of these lipedema ladies. You are making a difference in your life and encouraging all the rest of us too!

With love,
Catherine Seo, PhD
CoDirector, The Lipedema Project
And Our Keto Team
Katrina Slagle Harris, Leslyn Keith, OTD & Kimmi Katte

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