MasterClass: Lipedema & Keto Way of Eating Webinar 

We have been told lipedema is resistant to diet and exercise. We have tried many different rigorous measures from calorie restriction to vigorous exercise to little or no avail. From experiences over the past couple of years, Keto seems to be working for Lipedema Ladies.

Meet 4 lipedema ladies with amazing results. Hear their stories and ask your questions during a live Q&A session.

Katrina Slagle Harris

Katrina has lost 200 lbs on Keto. During her weight loss period she discovered she has lipedema. Katrina shares, “I’m glad I didn’t know about lipedema when I started, because I might have given up and not even tried.” Katrina now coaches others in achieving similar results.

Gillian Szollos

Gillian has lost over 100 lbs on Keto. She suffered with seizures that were eliminated with the ketogenic diet saving her from crazy side effects from medication and giving her a normal, vibrant life. She never expected Keto to work for her lipedema but it did. Gillian is passionate about supporting people to use a ketogenic diet therapeutically as well as the importance of resistance training for women over 40.

Emma Lee
Emma has lost over 350 lbs on Keto in 2.5 years since she started her weight loss journey in order to have knee replacement surgery. Her doctor recommended weight loss surgery but Emma didn't feel that it was the right tool for her so she chose to follow Keto Way of Eating since she needed to take off considerable weight. Emma has just passed over that goal and is moving forward with her plans for surgery and walking fully again.

Mende Staggs
Mende has lost over 100 lbs - from size 22 to 6 on Keto. She was one of the first to join with The Lipedema Project group when we started in Fall 2016. She quickly reported weight loss, swelling and pain elimination and the disappearance of migraine headaches that had plagued her regularly since childhood. Mende has been a staff consultant on the MasterClass and coaches those wanting to have similar results.

Our purpose is to support the learning, discussion and practice of the Ketogenic Way of Eating for those with lipedema.

Catherine Seo, PhD - Your Host for this webinar
Catherine is Co-Director of the Lipedema Project, founder, and director of Lipedema SImplified and an ardent patient advocate for those with lipedema. She has lipedema, lymphedema and has struggled with weight and body issues throughout her life. Catherine is a passionate proponent for a Keto Way of Eating, she has been doing Keto since Fall 2016.

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