Smoked Mackerel

When I grew up on a tiny island, fish and seafood were staples. My dad used to lay nets and lobster traps on his way to and from work, he was a teacher on the "next" island and went by his own boat every day. Fresh fish was a luxury we just took for granted. Lots of minerals and omega 3 for free!

This dish is super quick and easy, yet looks festive and is delicious.

Smoked mackerel with egg salad

Per person:
1 smoked mackerel (or any other smoked fish)

1 hard boiled chopped egg

½ dl / 3 ½ Tbsp mayonnaise

finely sliced leak

salt and black pepper

mix and put the salad in a lettuce leaf

(If you wish, season you egg salad with for instance curry or dijon mustard)

Serve with a slice of lemon