This keto life is very good!

Today was weigh and measure day with my sister. We were both pleasantly surprised with my results! This past month I have lost 11.8 pounds, but the big shocker was I have lost 20 inches!!! Amazing! A couple of things I have noticed this past month are that my feet are no longer cold most of the time, and my thin wool socks now feel much cozier and I no longer have to take a foot warming hot water bottle to bed every night. How weird is that!!

My upper arms (not at the bicep level but more at the top closer to the shoulder) have gone from feeling quite hard to very soft. I was at my doctor’s office last week, just for prescription renewal. She commented that I had lost weight. She thought I had lost 50 lbs when I really have only lost about 30 lbs, so all those inches lost were much more visible than I thought. This keto life is very good!

~Betty C., Canada